Accelerate Antibody R & D

Cambridgene Antibody Informatics Toolkit (CAIT) is an advanced, customizable product for accelerating antibody research and development, developed together with companies in Cambridge (UK) and London.

  • Accelerate antibody development and product delivery
  • Highly customizable to internal use
  • Bundled consulting for customization and new features
  • Rapid deployment/update, Flexible number of concurrent users

It consists of ready-to-deploy modules and is offered with bundled consulting for developing and incorporating new features that are customized to accelerate routine antibody research and development workflows.


  • Informatics for routine analysis – pre-developed and customizable workflows to gain edge over competitors’ product delivery timelines
  • Integrate multiple tools for informatics analysis, with inputs/outputs easily shuffling between the tools/steps
  • Automated pipelines for QC, screening, selection and annotation of antibodies
  • Analysis of disease target relationships, access (secure, internal) to public domain datasets
  • Sort antibody sequences using sequenced-based and biochemical features
  • Export and import to widely accessible file formats (fasta, Excel, etc.)
  • Integration of small and large molecule datasets (internal and external) – visualize and explore the landscape of biological relationships and combinatorial effects
  • NGS-integration (internal and cloud-based analysis), with support for vendor-specific NGS file formats