Biomarker Analysis

Discovering and validating a biomarker is a crucial task for pharmaceutical research and development. One of the biggest issues in this area is the scattered, unverified nature of valuable information from upstream research projects or data repositories.

Our objective is to offer an advanced portal that integrates multi-omic data with drug efficacy and safety from multiple domains and databases. This plugs in closely to our large molecule analysis toolkit (CAIT) initially, but a larger extensive integration has been planned for integrating small and large molecule development workflows for exploring biomarker targets for potential new drugs/treatments, combinatorial approaches, drug tolerance/resistance, etc.

We have formed collaborations with academic research institutions to take our product forward with well-tested list of use cases to evaluate a set of targets, and their safety profiles, druggability, efficacy, biological interactions and developability – a one-stop shop for large and small molecule development that can also be integrated with internal databases.