Biomarker Stratification

Our solutions provide advanced data integration and quality control of clinical, biomarker and multi-omics data to ensure scientific validity. We can provide data integration and dynamic visualization/exploration from multiple sources (e.g., clinical, genomics, proteomics) as well as multiple sites.

  • Ensure highest data quality
  • Explore, visualize novel patterns
  • Integrate multi-domain data with ease

We have extensive experience of multi-omics data quality control in thousands of patients in several academic projects. We collaborate with researchers, hospitals and data providers to implement the latest QC standards. We use a multitude of custom and third party applications that can de deployed either locally within the internal infrastructure, or through secure cloud services.

We have workflows to integrate and QC data from clinical trials, genomic data (whole-genomes, exomes, gene panels), potential biomarker targets and drug molecules (small molecules and biologics) that are available in the public domain.

Our research workflows can uncover unique patterns and potential combinatorial effects based on data integration from multiple domains.