Data Management

Cambridgene’s team has routinely deployed secure data management in multiple clinical diagnosis projects.

Data Protection / Confidentiality / Security

Data protection, security and confidentiality are critical to our business. Our data management and analysis platforms use 1SO 27001/2 compliant security architecture, access control and availability with auditability and compliant assessment provisions.

Upon request, we review customers’ data compliance expectations for handling PHI (Protected Health Information) – as defined in HIPAA and/or other similar mechanisms.

Internal Deployment

Cambridgene has also built tools that are transferable to customers’ internal network premises. We deliver applications that are easy to deploy, manage and customizable for our customers’ internal infrastructure.

Applications, databases (public domain and private), repositories can be deployed and accessed fully locally.

UK / European Data Management

If you are looking for data management and analysis solutions from a state-certified UK / European provider, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We also offer government-certified, cloud-hosted solutions for your institution (e.g., NHS) depending on your requirements.