We at Cambridgene believe that our work should have clear ethics and research guidelines while delivering significant value to improve people’s lives.

Our practices strongly reflect the following ethics:

  • The goal of clinical research should be clear to improve people’s lives and the understanding of disease biology and its solutions, through generalizable knowledge
  • The research questions that we need answered should have significant social and clinical value
  • We design studies or analyze data with a clear objective of answering a research question. We take steps to understand whether a research question is answerable with scientific validity
  • The primary objective for the data analysis, study design and reporting are carried out without any discrimination, with samples chosen to answer the questions, are selected and analyzed fairly
  • We expect our customers to independently review and validate our results in order to make it clear they are valid for any purpose including the objectives of the study
  • We respect the privacy and confidentiality of data, taking all possible steps to protect the information handled by us
  • We seek advice on a routine and contextual basis to understand the implications of our work