Health Demographics

Cambridgene has established collaborations with healthcare providers in India to accelerate the delivery of breakthrough medicines and treatments in the geographical region.

Our objectives are to perform the following activities:

  • Compile a database of health demographic information (specific to the geographical region) on behalf of pharmaceutical companies or CROs to collect and disseminate accurate, representative data of disease portfolio
  • License the information (pre-compiled or new studies) to pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and healthcare providers
  • Help researchers understand the demographics of common and rare (sub)-groups of disease spread in certain geographical regions
  • Explore the market potential for clinical trials (particularly for the development of biosimilars/biosuperiors and their effects (safety/efficacy of Phase III candidates in a different geographical region)
Each case will be handled as an individual (long or short term) project with pre-determined objectives complying with our Ethics guidelines.