How We Work

Planning and Assessment

For each potential project, we review the requirements in terms of resources, timelines (for development, delivery/deployment, training/support), additional consulting and external resources. We will then provide a customized and competitive quote, taking into account the size and corporate nature of the customer.

For transferable applications and databases, we provide bundled consulting for customization, deployment and delivery. In addition, all deliverables include ample on-site/off-site training and support provisions to accelerate the usage of our products.

We also provide the opportunity of collaborative product development in the aim of providing early availability of features/modules with an advantageous cost structure.

Qualification and Feasibility

After the initial assessment and reception of data, we make sure that the data passes the minimum qualification criteria for the planned analysis. This will ensure the feasibility of the originally planned analysis or any required modifications in the plan for further analysis.

The customer receives a brief report outlining the above. Upon approval, we proceed with further analysis.

Reproducibility and Documentation

Our analysis is documented and communicated clearly to the customer. All steps in the analysis are described including (but not limited to) data, software, versions, steps, etc.

We make sure that the work is fully reproducible at any time later, as we preserve all the settings for every analysis. This can be reviewed or rerun later for the confirmation of results.


In all of our projects, we validate the analysis and results thoroughly. We also expect our customers to independently evaluate the results to ensure the scientific validity.