Social Impact

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Our mission is to improve people’s lives through accelerating precision medicine.

We at Cambridgene believe that our mission delivers significant social impact. We have determined a few critical issues that we can address in our work.

Our aim is to improve people’s lives through various ways:

  • To assess the safety, efficacy, tolerance and resistance to medicines and treatments through advanced clinical research data as well as the often ignored genetic profiles and ethnic diversity
  • To accelerate the research and development of drugs, through automating and simplifying the discovery workflows
  • To implement newly developed models of clinical research not only in the areas of neglected diseases, but also in the neglected sub groups of cancers and common diseases
  • To enable faster access to cost-effective, life-saving medicines and treatments across continents, particularly for the underprivileged

Our core values and the work is recognized and supported by our customers, collaborators and supports.

We will be relaunching our website soon. Please get in touch for further information: